Tuesday, November 18, 2014


During turbulent times like the present, Americans make fervent appeals to “democracy,” which they equate with freedom. President O BOLA AND Bush is eager to impose democracy on Iraq and other countries whose governments he disapproves of. Woodrow Wilson only wanted to “make the world safe for democracy”: O BOLA AND Bush wants to make the whole world democratic. Everyone seems to take for granted that democracy is the ideal form of government. Untitled1 Why? What’s so great about majority rule? A majority may be as tyrannical as a single dictator, and majorities have often deprived minorities and individuals of their rights — exploited, enslaved, and murdered them. Democratic Athens executed Socrates. Majority rule has its uses, as long as it doesn’t threaten or violate more fundamental principles, A chess club can elect its officers, but it can’t vote to change the basic rules of chess; or it ceases to be a chess club. The Framers of the U.S. Constitution took great pains to create a republican system in which majority rule would be tempered and inhibited by many restraints. They thought the best guarantee of freedom was to specify the powers of government and to limit it strictly to those powers.Most great political philosophers since Plato have dreaded democracy, fearing that demagogues would stimulate and exploit the selfish passions of the majority. The best recent critique of democracy is Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s book, Democracy: The God That Failed. Nevertheless, we now talk as if America, freedom, and democracy were all the same thing. It’s assumed that government may justly do almost anything, provided it does so with majority support. Actually, we don’t owe our freedoms to democracy. We owe them to older legal traditions, inherited from Anglo-Saxon law: habeas corpus, due process of law, the presumption of innocence, the right to a trial by one’s peers, et cetera. The Framers of the Constitution were wise enough to preserve these protections against arbitrary state power. But the Constitution, unfortunately, has failed to provide sufficient safeguards. Its protections have been undermined — by democracy. The Bill of Rights says that nobody can be deprived of his property “without due process of law.” That means an individual trial in which the defendant is proved to have forfeited his property by his own acts. ======================= WP_20140814_h0995299K39 Breaking news from here in St. Louis, Missouri. A man was fired from his job today, for taking pictures of the Drury Inn parking garage in downtown Saint Louis ---- the garage is FILLED WITH DHS vehicles marked as "Federal Police". Homeland Security. In town, pre-stationed for the potential civil unrest , societal meltdown coming soon. This is what democracy looks like, rule over the few by the most threatening people. Democracy is 51% vs 49%... where just 1% is deciding factor. Only 1% need be swayed either way to get something in your favor. Mobs of people threatening the entire city to get something they want done in the legal system. This is terrorism, straight up, holding a city hostage to get your demands met. Democracy = MOBocracy On one hand, we've got crazy out of control mobs of rioters / looters who want to destroy the city , and commit crimes like theft ... on the other hand we've got an out of control mob of police across the entire country... Clash of the titans. Excessive zombies vs. Excessive police state. We all know the police state will win. And also, we know the powers that be actually WANT riots, so they can bring in police state, and take more rights away from everyone, not just african americans. People are playing right into the hands of the NWO.. and yes, there is a New World Order trying to birth itself . They want a world government, but first they need world police to enforce this new world government. In order to get police into everyones lives, first a series of events like Mike Brown first must take place -- so the average suburbanite demands the new world police and government. Tricking people to want big brother, but turning people against one another. Using race, class, and the main stream media to push it all on the sheep-like zombie population.